Gorgeous Icy Infrared Photographs of Kiev---静静地欣赏完这白色世界 -

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Gorgeous Icy Infrared Photographs of Kiev---静静地欣赏完这白色世界

We're no strangers to infrared photography, yet the visual results of the technology never cease to amaze us.


Photographer Oleg Stelmach, aka Elektraua, tackles the art of using infrared film to transform viridescent landscapes into mesmerizing expanses of white, icy foliage.

His location of choice is the newly re乌鲁木齐癫痫病医院哪家好opened part of Kiev called Andrew's Descent.

The urban setting with a healthy dose of towering trees and plant life is given a brand new, wintery look, boasting ivory leaves against a sapphire sky.

T荆门哪个癫痫医院比较好here's something very magical about this set of infrared images that shines a new light on the Ukrainian city.

There's a stillness in each photograph that, for the most part, purely captures landscape and architecture.


The subject is the city caught in a moment in time, like a scene in a snow globe once all of the white particles have settled.

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